December 29, 2010

give me a lot of money!

Justin Bieber – My Worlds Acoustic FREE DOWNLOAD

01. One Time (Acoustic)
02. Baby (Acoustic)
03. One Less Lonely Girl (Acoustic)
04. Down To Earth (Acoustic)
05. You Smile (Acoustic)
06. Favorite Girl (Acoustic)
07. That Should Be Me (Acoustic)
08. Never Say Never (Acoustic)
09. Pray
10. Somebody To Love (Ft. Usher)
11. Never Say Never (Ft. Jaden Smith)

Justin Bieber New Hair Look

what do you think? i think he just soo hot!


indonesia adalah negaraku, indonesia adalah bahasaku, indonesia adalah janjiku.
aku bangga menjadi bagianmu, indonesiaku.

aku cinta indonesia !!!