August 14, 2011

So what made me happy? What makes me feel good NOW?
Stop and think. You're not defined by one person, or two people. Or how nice you look, or by some reputation, or by a bad experience right?
Who am I?
How do I define.. me?

What I like:
I like stage perfomances and applause.
I like beaches at night.
I like expensive holidays. Actually I LOVE expensive holidays.
I like kittens.
I like enthusiastic articulate speech.
I like eating when I'm famished, drinking water when I'm dead thirty, and meeting someone after waiting for a really long time. Makes it more special :)
I like a damn good delicacy. No really, big time foodie. Hopefully the guy I marry will cook for me?
I like picky shopping.
I like decorating things, being innovative. Especially with bedrooms.
I like talking to people for long hours. An interesting conversation pulls me in pronto, and believe me, I can really get people to talk if I want them to.
I like daydreaming. I want to be rich and famous! How original ;)
I like good music. If it pulls my strings you know I'm hooked, you know I'm lost.
I like dancing in my room, in the dark.
I like 'moments'. I love creating them, though I hate how nothing matches up to them once they're gone.

I like looking really good.
I like crazy fun water/air related activities like banana boating, bunjy jumping etc.
I love disneyland. Nothing makes me happier. Nothing.
I like to believe that I'm different, and that people see me as different. I'm a rebel but only for the sake of being one. Sad thing is, thats pretty unoriginal too. (I want more weird!)
I like winning. Be it anything. I was always and will always be a perfectionist. But I've come to learn that its important to accept that you can lose too. And you do lose.
I like boys. Alot.
I like recognition.
I like attention.
I like colours.
I like good movies.
I like pools. And pool.
I like anyone or anything that can inspire me.

I like people who can break awkward silences.
I like people who understand me, people I can relate to.
I like dewy grass early in the morning.
I like cold weather. Rain.
I like being surrounded by alot of busy people in a beautiful place.
I LOVE staring at the clouds. Whenever I get in an airplane I jump for the window seat, and I sit there for hours and hours just staring outside, soaking it all up.

I like hot water showers.
I like the concept of family. And love. And things lasting forever. I love the thought of waking up to somebody every morning. Warm feet, coffee. Conversation. An interesting day. Maybe red wine with a few old friends later on in the night.
I like people who sort asap, and forget anything ever happened the next day so that they don't have to hold on to a million year grudge later. Because I don't do that.
I like sleepovers.
I like the idea of camping out in the woods with alot of people. Bonfires.. good food.. scary stories.. basically everything minus the bugs ^^
I like cruises.
I like laser tag. Because its awesome.
I like dancing in the dark.

I like the idea of living in a clean, blue & white coloured house somewhere where you look outside the window and theres a view of the ocean from afar.
I like celebration.

I like travelling.
I like diaries, make-up, nice smelling perfumes. I like 'girly' stuff. Mainly because I was practically a boy uptil 7th grade :(
I like going for first day first show.
I like bright coloured ipods.
I like grungy clothes and black dresses.
I like hookah.

I like purple hair.
I like a crisp newspaper, early in the morning.
I like falling down while ice skating, freezing to death in the rink.
I like rollercoasters.

I like the eary blue light that shines down on you, early morning.
I like irony.
I like 'firsts'. First kiss. First school. You get the gist.
I like good photography.
I like dawn, and twilight.
I like the way the wind hits your face when you're sitting in your car driving fast on a long empty road.
I like the way your stomach tickles when you shut your eyes while swinging.
I like how I feel when I get a good grade, or first prize.
I like the last minute stage fright.
I like airplane/hospital food.
I like miserably long road/air/water journeys because it gives me time to think.
I like shorts.
I like pretty hands.
I like keeping everything neat and tidy.
I like it when I can satisfy everyone. Which is a fail. You should never care too much about what people think. Friendships are difficult. Relationships are hell.
I like the way everyone teases you when you like someone, and they like you back.
I like it when the hero dies.
I like music concerts.

I like the universe, really puts my life into perspective :|