October 27, 2012

Diary of Awesome Girl: One Direction


Yeah, you know. The boys got me infected!!! Not just by their look. BUT, there's many thing about them that can't be explained. 

Their personality is totally different. The left, Harry Edward Styles. He's flirty and make girls said "aw Harry, you're hot!". And beside him, Niall Horan. He's guitarist and singer in 1D. He's the only Irish boy in 1D. His accent is just FUNNY! And he love (very very love) eating. Yap, beside Niall, Zayn Jawaad Malik. He's moslem, but........ yeah you know. The most characteristic vocal, (he always sing the reff or bridge part of song). He like to give a quotes. And the next is Louis Tomlinson. He's the sexiest boy here (the bum). The most funniest boy and most sporty boy! And the last one is, Liam James Payne (this is my favorite). He's sweet and charming. Good and kind. And I think he's quite polite to everyone. 

So, Who do you like? Just one or all of them? LOL, i have no idea. 

I like this boyband because, the song (at the first). I love their song: One Thing. And I started to download their album. And collected their pictures on internet. And, yeah...here I am, blogging about them.

I'm directioner (their fan's name). But, I have my own boundary. It means that, I love the boys but I didn't give my all heart to them. Cause I know where is the reality and where is the fiction world. Even though they're real, but to me they're my fictional super hero. I can make them be the all I want. Because this is my un-real world.


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