October 18, 2012

"love being myself", "i love me", "i like doing my own things", "i like my way" = BULLSHIT!

you know when you already said that, you are just pretending to be strong...though your heart is aching. no, no, i'm not bothering you.. but i'm just tell the truth. because i'm sick of those freaking word. and, okay i did. i tweeted, i wrote on my notes, im blogged about how strong i am... but in the inside, no! i'm just the fool one. the fool one who pretend to be strong..

R U FINE? are you ok? are you have the strength to face your world? when your friends got their happiness and then you just lay down and just wondering how it be like, are you ok? no, you're not.. i guess you're not ok with this situatuion, neither me.

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